Friday Five: Rewriting the Script

Sometimes it can feel like we have heard it all before. Intellectual conversations can feel scripted and it is fairly uncommon for the either side to stray from their established positions. This week we highlight five stories that take old debates and breath new life into them, offer a new position, or just literally change […]

The Friday Five: Keeping Things Light

It was a playful week here at the Fifth Floor.  Light-hearted commentary, laugh-out-loud pictures, and interesting tales kept us amused as we made the transition into August.  Hopefully, our mirth is contagious, and you’ll experience some of the same joy we did by checking out the stories below: Nicholas Carr, notorious for his argument that […]

The Friday Five: New Month, Interesting Questions

Happy June! This week, we were drawn to stories of friction: FLOTUS vs activist, technological utopia & dystopia, conflict in the soccer stands, and the struggles of blue-collar Millennials.  Check out the interesting questions raised by this week’s roundup:  Michelle Obama’s heckler, activist Ellen Sturtz, may have had a good point, but does the delivery […]