The Present and Past Use of Quarantine in the United States

In 1918 American school children created a new schoolyard rhyme: I had a little bird, And its name was Enza. I opened a window, And in flew Enza. That year and the following, 25 million Americans became sick with the flu and an estimated 670,000 people died. It was one of the worst epidemics the […]

Licensing the Undocumented

Two bills sit on the Governor of California’s desk that could drastically improve life for undocumented immigrants living in the state. One bill would allow undocumented individuals to obtain a driver’s license and the other makes them eligible to practice law in the state. The former will have a wider impact but the latter is […]

Demanding Our Cake and Eating it Too: Security and Privacy in American Politics

Contradictions in cultural values are common.  We often value things that are at odds with each other.  Some are fundamental values like our fierce defense of independence coupled with an intense commitment to family.  And others are more subtle like when we condemn shoplifting and then steal a bunch of those awesome little shampoo bottles […]