Getting Religion

Today, the sociology of religion’s prominence within the field has dimmed to the point that it has been described as “sociology’s ghetto.”  But the role that religion has played in the field’s history is quite extensive, with Emile Durkheim’s work standing as the most famous example.  Randall Collins uses Durkheim’s distinction between the sacred and […]

The Bolling Alley

As one of only two states holding a gubernatorial election in 2013 (New Jersey is the other), Virginia stands to receive a lot of attention from political commentators starved for something to occupy themselves with after the conclusion of last year’s presidential election.  The major party candidates are all but decided.  The Republicans stand to […]

Collective Silence

There are two issues in the political world right now that I find incredibly concerning: the sequester and the intention to allow drones over U.S. soil.  Both of these are extremely troubling. Due to a priority of party politics over actually leading the country, the congress and senate have allowed the sequester to take effect: […]

Mississippi time machine

Despite having an amazing mustache, Mississippi State House Representative Jeff Smith is an embarrassment to democracy and the law school that gave him a J.D. Rep. Smith and his colleague Rep. Chism have introduced House Bill 490 also known as the Mississippi Balance of Powers Act. This piece of legislation is meant “to clarify the compact entered into between […]