Safety…for girls!

“Please be careful when you’re walking around on campus this week,” my husband said, looking up from his computer. He had just read Rolling Stone’s now infamous article about rape and sexual violence across the University of Virginia’s campus, and I was headed to Charlottesville the next day. I rolled my eyes, just like I did when […]

Wellesley, MOOCs, and Educational Inequalities – A Response to Julia (and Janet Stemwedel)

Reading Julia’s excellent post on MOOCs got me thinking about the issues that surround them generally and Janet Stemwedel’s comments in particular. I certainly agree with both of them that MOOCs aren’t going to provide the same richness of experience as actually sitting in a classroom at a place like Wellesley (not that I’ve ever sat […]

A “Frictionless” Life

I’m sitting in Salena’s stylish office at a trendy California tech company interviewing her about her use of personal technology and she’s trying to articulate why she still spends time sending birthday cards to her friends. She explained that her job was to create and promote “frictionless” ways for people to exchange information, meaning that […]

Boy/Girl: A hard (science) distinction

I had an interesting conversation with my doctor a few weeks ago.  Upon learning I was studying to take my comprehensive exam in “gender”, she shared her hesitance with the way in which sociologists discuss sex and gender as socially constructed categories.  Laughing, she proclaimed, “I’m just too much of a hard sciences person for […]

Rogue Rolex Reviews & Social Trust

While snark is apparently the official language of the Internet, for better or for worse, it’s not very often that you come across random acts of sarcasm in places you don’t expect…like Amazon. In my husband’s aimless browsing, he recently found a treasure trove of sarcastic reviews of ridiculously expensive watches: a $34,000 Rolex, an $81,779 Zenith (has anyone heard of this […]