Apple Watch and the Quantified Self

Crossposted at The Infernal Machine. Today Apple unveiled its latest technological creation, the Apple Watch, a wearable computer that tracks not only time but your every step, heartbeat, and calorie. With their latest product, Apple contributes to the growing availability of devices and apps that track and record our activities and biostatistics such as Fitbit, Basis, and My […]

Managed Selves

As I’ve been stumbling around looking for a dissertation topic in the past few weeks, I came across a quote attributed Peter Drucker, a management consultant and professor.  He is credited with coining this phrase: “What Gets Measured Gets Managed.” I suppose from a management perspective this might be a good thing.  It implies that […]

Sailing Through This Game Called Life

Last week, the sports world was abuzz with what some were calling “ an almost unimaginable comeback” (see here).   In the eleventh hour, the American sailing team managed to overcome an 7 point deficit, winning 8 straight races, to win the America’s Cup and thwarting the New Zealand team by a narrow margin.    Now, I […]

Demanding Our Cake and Eating it Too: Security and Privacy in American Politics

Contradictions in cultural values are common.  We often value things that are at odds with each other.  Some are fundamental values like our fierce defense of independence coupled with an intense commitment to family.  And others are more subtle like when we condemn shoplifting and then steal a bunch of those awesome little shampoo bottles […]

Collective Silence

There are two issues in the political world right now that I find incredibly concerning: the sequester and the intention to allow drones over U.S. soil.  Both of these are extremely troubling. Due to a priority of party politics over actually leading the country, the congress and senate have allowed the sequester to take effect: […]

Living (and Dying) in Denial

One of the most disturbing moments I have experienced in recent weeks caught me off guard while I was flipping through TV channels one afternoon.   I paused for a moment to watch The Talk because I heard them announce that their guests that day were stars of the popular 80s drama Knots Landing.  As I later […]