What Books Inspire You? Pt. 2

Anne Bloomberg Initially, I struggled to come up with five books that inspired my sociological imagination. Then I took a step back and started with a list of my favorite books, the books whose themes have stuck with me. Those books all ended up having something in common with my dissertation– they all explore the […]

Assumptions of Privacy in a Public Life

Another series of hacked celebrity photos were leaked this week, which were quickly shut down. The general consensus is that stealing private photos violates these individuals’ privacy (though this guy disagrees). It seems wrong to take these intimate, private moments and make them publicly available. But what about those moments that reveal unsavory characteristics about […]

Friday Five: Hurdles

Life is full obstacles but the most dangerous are the invisible or unanticipated. This week we explore these hidden barriers and some strategies for overcoming them: It takes more than economic resources to navigate the college admissions process it also takes savvy, check out this piece on UVA alum Jennifer Silva’s research @TheEconomist It seems that youth […]

Friday Five: Good News and Bad News

Is it just me or has this summer been full of bad news? At home and abroad, it seems that there is nothing but bad news getting worse. This week we are going to do our best to off-set the bad news with some good. Let’s start with the bad news: You might be aware […]

Friday Five: More Questions Than Answers

My inbox is starting to fill up, which can only mean one thing– the school year has almost begun. I have lost that confidence that comes at the end of the spring semester. It has been replaced with questions that can not be answered, such as what have you been doing? Where are all those […]

Friday Five: The Straw that Stirs the Drink

The vast majority of social problems cannot be reduced to a single cause. For this reason, much of social science is about establishing the factors that have a meaningful and significant impact on the phenomenon under study. In this week’s first link, I came across the expression “the straw that stirs the drink” and I […]

Friday Five: Freedom (Fireworks not included)

On July 4th, it is hard not to think about freedom (and fireworks). As much as Americans love freedom, it can be a hard concept to define. Sometimes one persons freedom depends on the oppression or exploitation of others. Or, a service that seems built on the freedom of expression is actually tailoring that expression […]

Ignorant Americans and the Love of Soccer

Seeing as how you are on the internet right now, odds are you know that the US has been knocked out of the World Cup. Many commentators claim that this, along with record high ratings for the live matches, provide evidence that the sport is finally catching on here at home.  I, for one, am […]