Friday Five: Beyond Survival

ISIS, Ebola, Ferguson, and volcanoes seem to have the world on edge. Rather than focus on the threats we have five articles that look beyond the risk to the history and debates that underlie some of the recent tragedies.

  • What do sharks and ebola have in common? In America the risk of death from both is incredibly small but the panic is great. The real (and ugly) epidemic in the US is one of fear and narcissism @Salon
  • A PhD will probably not kill you but the institutional push to shorten time to completion is increasing the pressure on students who lack independent funding. The threats to financial survival and degree completion are discussed @TheChronicle
  • Thanks to the internet, the survival rate of information is at an all time high. Europe and the United States take different legal approaches when it comes to removing information from the web. The pros and cons are weighed @TheNewYorker
  • The media frenzy around tragedy can be difficult for those trying to emotionally survive the fall out. Rumors of bumbling police, assumptions of guilt, and the rapid spread of gossip as evidence challenge all those caught in the storm @C-ville
  • Not all marriages survive parenthood. Check out this critical take on the power of the religion of parenthood in America today @Quartz

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