Friday Five: Past, Present, Future

The temporal is in everything. The intersections of past, present, and future have got us thinking this week. From the modern day dustbowl to how future generations will look back on our “new” technologies, here on the fifth floor we are looking forward and backward and wondering if we have really come as far as we thought? Will we be able to move beyond the past into the future we imagine?

  • Politics and mistrust have shaped how we view the exceptional drought in California. Whether you blame the farmers, the Congress, or the environmentalists, it is hard to ignore the stories of those most directly impacted @Medium
  • The traditional bulletin boards are being replaced by Yik Yak, an app that facilitates anonymous discussions of campus happenings. But this new tool is being viewed with suspicion and hope by administrations @ChronicleOfHigherEd
  • Is it possible to design a smart watch worthy of becoming a family heirloom? Or is new technology inherently incompatible with timelessness? @TheSocietyPages
  • More lower income students may be enrolling in college but beyond academics, the cultural struggle often undermines poor students’ ability to succeed once there @NYTimes
  • What does it say about our nation’s priorities that the largest provider of scholarships to women, provides shockingly little in actual scholarships and includes a swimsuit competition as part of the application process? @LastWeekTonight

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