Friday Five: Hurdles

Life is full obstacles but the most dangerous are the invisible or unanticipated. This week we explore these hidden barriers and some strategies for overcoming them:

  • It takes more than economic resources to navigate the college admissions process it also takes savvy, check out this piece on UVA alum Jennifer Silva’s research @TheEconomist
  • It seems that youth culture is taking over America as old models of patriarchy and the family become relics of a bygone time. A.O. Scott explores (and mourns) the death of adulthood in American culture @NYTMag
  • When educational goals are not reached we tend to focus on replacing “bad” teachers with “good” teachers. A brief history of blaming teachers in America @TheAtlantic
  • Emma Sulkowicz’s performance art piece, “Carry That Weight” literally brings the scene of her sexual assault out into the open to draw attention to the hurdles she faced seeking justice. It is also bringing out a community of support @WomenUnderSeige
  • Ever wonder why it seems so easy pass off unfounded claims as fact? Research shows the factors that enable “truthiness” to prevail over facts @Slate

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