Friday Five: Good News and Bad News

Is it just me or has this summer been full of bad news? At home and abroad, it seems that there is nothing but bad news getting worse. This week we are going to do our best to off-set the bad news with some good. Let’s start with the bad news:

  • You might be aware that American’s have a lot of debt, but do you know about what happens with that debt once it goes to collection? It is probably worse than you think @NYMagazine
  • Good news for highly educated women in egalitarian marriages! Men feel free to help more around the house and women get those degrees because new research shows that they will not impact your likelihood for divorce or your sex life @LiveScience
  • There is more to human trafficking than most people realize– hint it is not all about sex trafficking. Learn five things you might not have known @RollingStone
  • The bad news is that police officers use unjustified deadly force, the worse news is they are almost never held accountable. The good news is that Wisconsin passed the first law requiring independent investigations into police related deaths @Politico
  • The best news we could find this week: The Japanese internet has created a fictional Pizza Hut run entirely by cats. Bad news, cats are not great at running a Pizza Hut @Adweek

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