Friday Five: More Questions Than Answers

My inbox is starting to fill up, which can only mean one thing– the school year has almost begun. I have lost that confidence that comes at the end of the spring semester. It has been replaced with questions that can not be answered, such as what have you been doing? Where are all those chapters you hoped to finish? Is it too early to retire, preferably somewhere with a beach? The internet can’t answer my questions, but maybe it can help with these other unanswered questions.

  • Introducing women’s studies as a legitimate academic field was just one of the major achievements of 1970s feminism. But is it possible to make the personal political when it’s framed in theoretical jargon? @NewRepublic
  • What should be the role of the privileged in social justice movements? On the 50th anniversary of the Freedom Summer, one man reflects on this movements impact on his rural Maine family @Propublica
  • How do new demographic trends shape communal life in urban environments? Studying the rise of single-person households and neighborhoods with compressed inequality might offer new insights. @HedgehogReview
  • It is often said that if you work hard in school you can achieve success. But what does it mean if money and family stability are greater predictors of upward mobility and success for low-income children? @NPR
  • If you read the Sunday Times you may have noticed an advertisement for Leafly, a service that recommends strains of cannibis to help with your ailments. Is it possible to reclaim (medical) marijuana from stoner culture and bring it into the mainstream? @Buzzfeed



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