Friday Five: Between Art and Trauma

Art is supposed to produce an emotional response, but is it possible to go too far? This week’s links explore the power of the artist.

  • Is “Uncle Terry” Richardson an artist, a predator, or both? The New York Magazine’s profile highlights the art while downplaying the accusations against him. The otherside is the focus @ Jezebel.
  • The CIA understood the power of literature. Recently declassified documents show the role that Dr Zhivago played in the Cold War @TheAtlantic.
  • Online threats hardly count as art but are they protected by free speech? A recent Supreme Court case calls that into question @TheGuardian
  • Should syllabi come with trigger warnings? One professor recounts her own trauma triggers and reminds us that the line between art and trauma can be blurry @TheChronicle
  • In the digital age, some books can seem traumatic to get through. Maybe it is useful to think of these at project books that can help motivate you to read full length books again @Fredrik deBoer

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