Friday Five: Returns

Since I am not teaching and no longer in coursework, the summer break has no real impact on my daily life. Yet, when May and June roll around I find it hard to stay inside and to avoid vacations. Here are some links that will hopefully spark some interesting conversations whether you are at the beach, in the woods, or just taking a break from the library.

  • The recent release of Bergdahl has prompted controversy as the court of public opinion deliberates on whether he was a deserter, traitor, or war hero. This article from 2012 investigates America’s Last Prisoner of War before the media spotlight @RollingStone
  • Jeopardy Champion, Arthur Chu, sheds light on the misogynistic agenda that is so prevalent in the nerd narrative; revealing the danger in “your princess is in another castle” mentality @TheDailyBeast
  • While a lot of the focus in the media has been on cultural factors that led to the Santa Barbara shooting, one victim’s father is demanding our politicians step out of the NRA’s shadow and address the problem of gun violence @Salon
  • Sometimes when you demand change you get what you ask for. A Swedish geochemist asked Lego to create a line of female lego figures involved in interesting fields, the “Research Institute” is expected to hit shelves in August @PolicyMic
  • And, speaking of strong women, you may have read that female hurricanes cause more deaths because people don’t take them as seriously. Before you believe that you should look more closely at the methodology, which is exactly what they did @ScatterPlot

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