Friday Five: Between Art and Trauma

Art is supposed to produce an emotional response, but is it possible to go too far? This week’s links explore the power of the artist. Is “Uncle Terry” Richardson an artist, a predator, or both? The New York Magazine’s profile highlights the art while downplaying the accusations against him. The otherside is the focus @ Jezebel. The […]

Wellesley, MOOCs, and Educational Inequalities – A Response to Julia (and Janet Stemwedel)

Reading Julia’s excellent post on MOOCs got me thinking about the issues that surround them generally and Janet Stemwedel’s comments in particular. I certainly agree with both of them that MOOCs aren’t going to provide the same richness of experience as actually sitting in a classroom at a place like Wellesley (not that I’ve ever sat […]

Friday Five: Returns

Since I am not teaching and no longer in coursework, the summer break has no real impact on my daily life. Yet, when May and June roll around I find it hard to stay inside and to avoid vacations. Here are some links that will hopefully spark some interesting conversations whether you are at the […]