Friday Five: Assumption Check

This week’s links question the assumptions built in to a variety of topics, from technology to rape to celebrity in Iran.

  • A Dartmouth rape case leaves Rebecca Biron wondering what makes some men so certain of their assumptions about what lies behind closed doors @PacificStandard
  • Morozov’s new book To Save Everything Click Here questions the assumptions built into our discussions of technology @TheNewAtlantis
  • A 2006 article, “From Thong to Thesis” marvels at Monica Lewinski’s accomplishments after she completes her Master of Science at London School of Economics. But why did WaPo assume a White House intern wouldn’t be smart enough to earn a graduate degree?
  • The Iranian Sociological Association hosted Immanuel Wallerstein in Iran, where an advisor of President Rouhani warned him he was “a dangerous man”. @MEIRPS
  • Some police officers in Connecticut are receiving training to learn how to better respond to calls involving mentally ill residents; learning to change their assumptions in order to better protect themselves and the community @NPRShots




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