Friday Five: Revolving Around Revolution

I like the term revolution because it is such a flexible term. It can mean a large scale, violent overthrow of a political regime or to spin around an axis. They can be social, cultural, political–at its widest reach a revolution is anytime we see changes to existing structure. Of course, if anything and everything is a revolution than what good is the term? This week’s links highlight stories of change in action, maybe some will be considered revolutionary someday.

Demographic shifts in America’s mid-sized cities has led to a sort of liberal revolution with a renewed focus on equality and pro-labor policies @Prospect

How do you deal with a revolution at 17,000ft? The climbing season on Mount Everest might be canceled after the death of 16 sherpas has led to labor strikes, raising questions of compensation and risk on top of the world. A great perspective from Jon Krakauer @TheNewYorker

Rape culture has been getting a lot of focus lately, perhaps what we need is a revolution. Is publicly shaming rapists as long as they remain in the spotlight gonna help? @Deadspin

Hashtag activism is not revolutionary but as the NYPD learned this week even innocent PR campaigns can provide an unexpected platform for those seeking change @PolicyMic

Probably not the start of a revolution, but this non-systematic analysis of how professors spend their time might just make your head spin @SocImages




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