Friday Five: Getting the Message

You can spin it how you want but that doesn’t mean that others will agree. This week’s links are all stories with multiple spins. It just goes to show that regardless of your intentions you can’t control how other people will interpret things.

  • Kayvon Edson claimed it was performance art when, on the anniversary of the Boston bombing, he left a backpack with a rice cooker glitter bomb at the site of bombing; a Judge viewed it as a sign he needed a mental evaluation @TheWire
  • American Greetings viral video “World’s Toughest Job” was meant to stir nostalgia and encourage greeting card sales, instead it stirred debate about “Mommyhood Fetishes” @Time and an equally misguided spoof on Dads.
  • Jamieson wanted to improve his luck on Tinder. He increased his contacts by 125% though some say his tactics are actually more like spamming and false advertising @AdWeek
  • One person’s patriot is another’s armed militia. The story of Cliven Bundy’s confiscated cattle reminds some people of 1776 and other’s of the Waco standoff @MediaMatters
  • The surgeons successfully repaired the hip, the med student learned a lot from watching, the patient didn’t survive– check out this moving blog post @ThisMayHurtABite

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