Friday Five: Revolving Around Revolution

I like the term revolution because it is such a flexible term. It can mean a large scale, violent overthrow of a political regime or to spin around an axis. They can be social, cultural, political–at its widest reach a revolution is anytime we see changes to existing structure. Of course, if anything and everything […]

Friday Five: Getting the Message

You can spin it how you want but that doesn’t mean that others will agree. This week’s links are all stories with multiple spins. It just goes to show that regardless of your intentions you can’t control how other people will interpret things. Kayvon Edson claimed it was performance art when, on the anniversary of the […]

A “Frictionless” Life

I’m sitting in Salena’s stylish office at a trendy California tech company interviewing her about her use of personal technology and she’s trying to articulate why she still spends time sending birthday cards to her friends. She explained that her job was to create and promote “frictionless” ways for people to exchange information, meaning that […]

Ifs and Buts

Anyone whose examination of British poet Rudyard Kipling digs deeper than the Disney version of The Jungle Book will quickly stumble across the numerous portions of his biography that leave many contemporary critics recoiling in disgust. Chief among these is the rightfully notorious poem “The White Man’s Burden.” Other Kipling writings are only slightly less […]

Friday Five: Word Association

The Supreme Court ruled this week, in a 5-4 decision, that individual contributions to political campaigns are protected by the first amendment and therefore should not be limited. We all latched on to a different element of this controversial ruling in what turned out to be a sort of word association game. It got us thinking […]

ROI and College Rankings, evaluating higher education

The 2013 Payscale College Rankings were released a few weeks ago, reigniting a debate about the state of our higher education system. Payscale, not surprisingly, finds that engineering schools offer the best return on investment (ROI), while schools you have probably never heard of have the worst. Another (non) shocker, business, engineering and computer science […]