Friday Five: Borders, Physical and Otherwise

This week we are thinking about boundaries. Not just physical boundaries, but temporal and semantic as well. I can think of no boundaries that mark a complete delineation with no room for grey, maybe you can? Here are some links that explore border experiences and emerging boundaries.

  • In 2006, the Associated Press placed the word “homosexual” on the restricted use list. How did this once acceptable term cross the threshold into offensive? @NYTimes
  • Summarizing Morozov’s argument, how we think about the line between disconnected and connected, why we disconnect, is important for understanding both realms @TheFrailestThing
  • The Golden Gate Bridge is a suicide magnet because there is nothing to prevent individuals from going over the physical edge into what they imagine is a peaceful end but perhaps that is about to change @TheNewYorker
  • The border between the United States and Mexico has created many unique opportunities, landscapes, and relations. Learn more about life on the border @NPR
  • What happens when you unwittingly cross an international border into hostile territory? Read the account of the American hikers who did just that in Iran and spent the next 2 years as hostages or prisoners @MotherJones

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