Friday Five: Worth the Wait

This week’s Friday Five is coming a bit late, but we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to share several thought-provoking articles from the week.   The posts below tap into a growing ambivalence and uncertainty that has hit America’s educational institutions.  Questions about accountability, sustainability and the preservation of knowledge exist in the minds of students, educators and administrators alike.  The articles below tap into just a few of the key debates:

  • How can we help students make informed decisions about one of the largest investments they face without reducing the benefits of college to quantifiable data on a select set of set of performance criteria? @Inside Higher Ed
  • Academic bloggers bring insightful content to the public, but how do they pay the bills? Corey Robin addresses this question and highlights several great blogs in the process!
  • Should graduate students hone in on areas of passion and interest or begin to think more strategically about their careers? @OrgTheory
  • How do you know when to push harder and when to turn away from the academic job market? Patrick Iber ponders this question aloud.
  • Does women’s drive for A’s push them out of key fields, or are A’s the only way women can gain credibility in male-dominated areas?

Please weigh in–as bloggers and graduate students invested in these issues, we’d love to hear your thoughts!





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