Friday Five: Silence and Voice

This week we give voice to those often silenced and examine the role of silence in our modern lives. Here are few links that will let you “hear” others but don’t worry we understand that sometimes you just want some piece and quiet, so there are no noises associated with these links.

  • Ray Jasper, a death row inmate in Texas, wrote a letter to all who would listen. Regardless of where you stand on the death penalty, his voice is worth hearing @Gawker
  • A Duke University student who does porn to pay for school has revealed her real name to fight back against the shame campaign that began when she was outed by the greek system. She gives voice to sex workers and adult performers @XOJane
  • The NFL is considering penalizing players for use of the N word, proposing an option where the fines would depend on your race. But words are too complicated to regulate and the voice, in this case, matters more than the word @TheAtlantic
  • Have you ever been to a lecture that could have gotten the same point across in silence? Then you will appreciate how pointless Power Point can be @Slate
  • Maybe you are reading this while wearing some noise canceling headphones, if so then you already know that silence is a luxury, here’s how that happened @NewRepublic

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