Friday Five: Borders, Physical and Otherwise

This week we are thinking about boundaries. Not just physical boundaries, but temporal and semantic as well. I can think of no boundaries that mark a complete delineation with no room for grey, maybe you can? Here are some links that explore border experiences and emerging boundaries. In 2006, the Associated Press placed the word “homosexual” […]

Friday Five: Something to be afraid of

Spring started this week, but in Charlottesville the week started with snow. And, next week there are threats of a “nor’easter bomb” (and that is a technical term). Winter weather in spring is not unprecedented but after a long, cold winter it is certainly a scary prospect. Sometimes fears do come true and this week […]

Friday Five: Worth the Wait

This week’s Friday Five is coming a bit late, but we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to share several thought-provoking articles from the week.   The posts below tap into a growing ambivalence and uncertainty that has hit America’s educational institutions.  Questions about accountability, sustainability and the preservation of knowledge exist in the minds […]

Azodicarbonamide 2014

Subway, the colossal sandwich chain, recently received the type of press that really puts the old “No such thing as bad publicity” adage to the test.  An internet furor that appears to have begun in earnest thanks to a petition on the “Food Babe” website drew attention to the fact that Subway’s bread contained a […]