Friday Five: A Random Sample

This week we have a lot of different things on our minds. Here are five links from the internet that don’t share a lot in common but are sure to get you thinking and hopefully talking!

  • As a former steel town with robots and culture Pittsburgh is not the Detroit outsiders think it is, see how it avoided that fate @Politico
  • Facebook has changed its gender options to acknowledge that sometimes things are not so pink and blue, Fox News thinks they might as well add pinecone to the list @MediaMatters
  • How honest should you be with your students? Professor Trivers has been suspended from Rutgers for crossing the honesty threshold @TheDailyCaller
  • Stuart Hall died earlier this week, he is remembered as a cultural theorist, founding editor of the New Left Review, and a deeply political person @Jacobin
  • And, who can forget that today is Valentine’s Day! Ian Orti’s visual manifesto on human contact is sure to spur some conversation @McSweeney’s



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