Friday Five: Links for inclement weather

Here in northern California, we are having a much needed rainy day. With snow in the forecast for the east coast and clouds over the west, we are cuddling up with some lighter reading this week. Here are some stories that can be perused while drinking hot chocolate, preferably next to a fire, and avoiding any more mentally strenuous activities you should be doing.

  • Have you ever wondered what happens to psychopaths after the trial? Carla Norton questions whether psychopaths can be rehabilitated and what should happen to them after they serve their time @TheAtlantic
  • To some, Wellesley’s new art installment represents a vulnerable male, while for others it triggers feelings of apprehension. How does the tighty-whitey clad statue make you feel? Check it out @NYTArt&Design
  • Happiness is enshrined in our constitution, but how happy should we be? How do understandings of happiness change over time? Is happiness social or individualistic? @TheNation
  • Sometimes, reality TV stars are so good at the game that they expose the unsavory truths behind the shows’ premise. This week Clare exposes The Bachelor‘s weird sex issues @Slate and Rachel Frederickson reveals underlying body image issues in The Biggest Loser @Salon
  • If you are in the final push of dissertation writing or just feeling the pressures of work, here is proof that things do get better @RogueCheerio

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