Friday Five: Rewriting the Script

Sometimes it can feel like we have heard it all before. Intellectual conversations can feel scripted and it is fairly uncommon for the either side to stray from their established positions. This week we highlight five stories that take old debates and breath new life into them, offer a new position, or just literally change […]

Two Leaves Passing in the Night

Since legal marijuana sales in Colorado kicked off at the start of the new year, the media has been abuzz with often-whimsical accounts of the state’s budding pot industry.  (Get it?  “Budding” pot industry?  That’s the sort of joke you’ll see in most of these stories.)  Far beyond Colorado, a consensus seems to be building […]

Managed Selves

As I’ve been stumbling around looking for a dissertation topic in the past few weeks, I came across a quote attributed Peter Drucker, a management consultant and professor.  He is credited with coining this phrase: “What Gets Measured Gets Managed.” I suppose from a management perspective this might be a good thing.  It implies that […]

Friday Five: Links for inclement weather

Here in northern California, we are having a much needed rainy day. With snow in the forecast for the east coast and clouds over the west, we are cuddling up with some lighter reading this week. Here are some stories that can be perused while drinking hot chocolate, preferably next to a fire, and avoiding […]

Getting Religion

Today, the sociology of religion’s prominence within the field has dimmed to the point that it has been described as “sociology’s ghetto.”  But the role that religion has played in the field’s history is quite extensive, with Emile Durkheim’s work standing as the most famous example.  Randall Collins uses Durkheim’s distinction between the sacred and […]