Friday Five: Beyond Seattle vs. Denver

In the run up to the Super Bowl, the strengths and weaknesses of each side are being discussed non-stop on ESPN. Maybe, this is why we are drawn to debate this week.

  • As a blog, we can’t help but notice the controversy over blogging that has erupted in academia this week when the International Studies Association announced plans to bar members associated with the journal from blogging @InsideHigherEd. Check out the response @DuckofMinerva and the benefits blogging has on research @SciLogs
  • Gender roles are again in the news as Wendy Davis comes under fire for choices she made regarding work and family @NyTimes but maybe we should flip the script and discuss male advantage instead of female disadvantage @FamilyInequality
  • Obama announces plans to raise the minimum wage for federal contractors reigniting a debate on the effect of minimum wages on economic performance. This debate is as old as Das Kapital @NewYorker. But today, your opinion on inequality might have more to do with party affiliation than anything else @SocImages
  • Who can talk about race and how? This debate erupted after a self-proclaimed “skinny white girl” felt uncomfortable for whom she perceived to be an out of place “heavyset black woman” in her yoga class @XOJane prompting an excellent response on the same site @XOJane and an entertaining and thought provoking satire @TheGloss
  • Seattle Seahawk’s Richard Sherman was labelled “hood” and “a thug” after a post-game interview, highlighting how men of color are caught at the intersection of sexism and racism @AlJazeera.

Since that is hard to argue with, lets talk Puppy versus Kitty who are the real stars of Puppy Bowl X?


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