Friday Five: Walking in others’ shoes

As we wave goodbye to winter break and head into another semester of graduate school, we are drawn to stories that challenge the privileged perspective. Taking a minute to reflect on our commonly held beliefs, the real meaning behind thoughtless analogies, and past defamations helps to warm up our sociological minds this week.

  • I don’t need a man to support me! Of course, it is important to remember that socio-economic status contributes to one’s views of the marriage debate, as we are reminded this week @TheAtlantic
  • Who hasn’t used an unfortunate analogy to bolster their position (note: forbidding dogs on the patio is not at all similar to segregation). Here is a reminder of why it is so dangerous @TressieMC
  • This guy learned that being a girl is not as awesome as he thought. It only took two hours of online dating while disguised as a woman before he abandoned the experiment in disgust @Jezebel
  • I understand that not all places are dog friendly but I always assumed that babies could go anywhere. However, should your baby go to a Michelin starred restaurant? @OrdinaryTimes
  • America may be the big kid on the block now but young America was the target of bullies. As Thomas Jefferson learned, sometimes all you need is a big dead moose to defend your honor @NPR



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