Friday Five: ‘Tis the Season

The snow is falling, the bells are ringing and controversy is in the air.  This week was filled with lots of brouhaha—check it out below!

  • Social media is abuzz debating Beyonce’s feminism and Duck Dynasty’s homophobia but unfortunately not enough people are talking about R. Kelly’s sexual predation on teenage girls. Get the scoop @VillageVoice
  • If only welfare fraud was the worst thing the “Welfare Queen” did– well maybe her excess did lead to decades long distrust of the social safety net–Get the full story on Regan’s Welfare Queen @Slate
  • The lack of outrage over a drone strike accidentally targeting a Yemeni wedding speaks volumes @TheAtlantic
  • Scholars debate the implications of the American Studies Association’s vote to boycott Israel @TheChronicle
  • And lastly, its shocking how much brilliance pours out of UVA’s sociology department (and maybe our lack of modesty as well).  Check out alum, Allan McCoy’s, article in the Philly Inquirer!

 Enjoy the winter cheer!


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