Friday Five: Celebrating Friday the 13th

There are many myths that surround the number 13.  In America, we skip the 13th floor, some people avoid travel on the 13th, and millions have been made on the horror franchise, “Friday the 13th.”  Here on the Friday Five, we just think it gives us a good reason to share more interesting stories with you.  In honor of Friday the 13th, we’re sharing not 5 but 13 of the week’s most fascinating items on the web:

  1. Time’s Person of the Year was announced this week.  Do you agree with the magazine’s selection?
  2. What can we learn from that holiday favorite, “Love Actually?
  3. Why do academics quit and tell? Perhaps, they can tell us.
  4. Do straight allies get too much credit? CJ Pascoe and Tristan Bridges weigh in.
  5. New ways to measure gender gaps are emerging in all fields.  See it in academia here.
  6. Do academics blog for the world or for each other? A new study suggests they blog primarily for each other.
  7. Is being nice really nice? It’s up for debate.
  8. And while we’re questioning things, is being busy really productive?
  9. The global prevalence of homophobia is alarming!
  10. It’s probably been overshared, but we can’t ignore this!
  11. A comedic response to claims of reverse racism.
  12. An uplifting article as many approach the end of the semester.
  13. And lastly, 13 things you should know about Friday the 13th.

Stay sane and safe out there!


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