Friday Five: It’s starting to look a lot like winter break!

The fall semester is wrapping up, we are well into a shorter holiday buying season, and cold weather is taking over the country. As we look forward to the winter break, many of us over a stack of papers to be graded, these are the stories that caught our attention.

  • Are professors going extinct or just becoming highly specialized and elusive, like doctors? Jeffrey J. Williams examines stratification in academia and offers his hope for a more equal future @TheChronicleofHigherEd
  • With one of the most important Christian holidays fast approaching, Rush Limbaugh challenges the Pope’s assertion that “the culture of prosperity deadens us”. Examine the role of capitalism in Christianity @TheDish
  • Nothing creates prosperity for an artist faster than controversy but maybe we should resist the urge to comment and drive up views/attention/sales @AVClub
  • Odds are you will be doing some shopping in the next few weeks. Here is a look at how t-shirts are made from plant to shelf @PlanetMoney
  • It’s a winter holiday season miracle at the Grand Canyon! Well…actually it is just a pretty cool and rare phenomenon known as a total cloud inversion, check out pics @TheAtlantic

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