Friday Five: Keeping it Light

As we recover from the annual feast and gather strength for the remainder of the semester, we decided to keep the Friday Five light. Enjoy this collection of fun from the internet– I promise there will be nothing too heavy and no advice on Black Friday sales or how to consume leftovers!

  • I am not going to think about what this says about gender or anything else. Just enjoy this dude’s recreation of Wrecking Ball @ Gawker
  • Remember when Adam Sandler taught the world about Hannukkah? @YouTube
  • I don’t play favorites with pie. I just eat them all. But for those who play favorites, this is what those favorites say about you (only nice things apparently) @Buzzfeed
  • Gary Oldman reminds us that for our mother colony Thanksgiving isn’t all that great @Jezebel
  • If Thanksgiving happened in another country, this is it would be explained @Slate

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