Friday Five: What if….

This week we are not accepting things at face value. We are checking out articles that challenge the status quo. Reports that dig a little deeper into sensational stories. And, applaud the work of a fellow sociologists even if others can’t look past her own story. Has anything changed your perspective this week?

  • What if bitcoin really does become bigger than PCs and the internet combined? Eh, it’d be lucky to be more relevant than Segways @TheAtlantic.
  • What if journalists reporting on drug scandals had to reveal their own recreational drug use @NationalJournal.
  • What if the death of an adjunct wasn’t symbolic of a failed system but something more complicated and personal @Slate.
  • What if you did amazing research and all people cared about was your famous past and how a nice girl like you ended up in such a rough neighborhood @TheChronicleofHigherEd
  • What if a spirited Twitter debate really was all it took to change the world? Then Ashton Kutcher would be a revolutionary, check out the debate breakdown @Salon.

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