Friday Five: Going Places

Where are you this week? Our Friday Five looks at different spaces and places through some of the week’s most interesting articles:

  • Is Jezebel your go-to site for feminist thought? What are your thoughts on The American Prospect’s discussion of the site’s evolution?
  • Although western cultures seem increasingly concerned with measuring, ranking, and numbering our world, this culture demonstrates that numbers really are a matter of culture @Slate
  • Is Facebook (or Twitter) the appropriate place to air your teaching frustrations? @TheChronicleofHigherEd
  • Recent cuts to work-life policies raise questions regarding whether American workplaces are truly sites of innovation? @WorkinProgress
  • A post about spaces would simply be incomplete without a reference to one of our favorite blog’s by UVA alum Tristan Bridges.  If you haven’t checked it out, do it today: Inequality by (Interior) Design

One thought on “Friday Five: Going Places

  1. I try to make a point of not only not sharing teaching frustrations on Facebook (I don’t have Twitter) but not sharing any frustrations on Facebook. If I do, it would be in a light-hearted way or the frustration would be fairly trivial in nature. I have this idea in my head that to share serious frustrations on Facebook would seem like me being a “drama queen” or as though I were forcing other people to confront my issues in a way that I wouldn’t feel totally comfortable with. If I wanted to discuss a serious frustration, about teaching or anything else, I would turn to a family member or close friend on a one-on-one or small-group basis before I would share it with the world on Facebook.

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