The Friday Five: Fright Edition

We saw our fair share of ghost, goblins & ghouls this week, but sometimes reality can be scarier than fantasy.  These week’s Friday Five features some of the most frightening stories of the week:

  • We find Hanna Rosin’s “End of Men” argument quite horrifying—not because we buy it but because we’re afraid that others will! Luckily, Philip Cohen has a strong counterargument!
  • 10-spooky-cyberattacks-in-2012-infographic--5cb4219e92Interdisciplinary work is all the rage, right? Yet, those who dare to forge this difficult path may see little payoff.  @InsideHigherEd
  • The thought of no more wine is spine-chilling for some of us! @TheAtlantic
  • Afraid? Not in the least! One feminist talks back to those trying to intimidate her!  @Upworthy
  • And we end out our list with another list—the five scariest geopolitical events that happened on Halloween.  @TheNationalInterest

What curdled your blood or chilled your bones this week? free-vector-buddy-frightened-clip-art_110045_Buddy_Frightened_clip_art_hight


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