The Friday Five: Who Said That?

In a world of constant communication, how do we decide what’s important?  The timing surely matters, as does the location.  Advertisers would likely tell us a message’s content is also essential—it must be relevant and it MUST make an emotional connection with its intended audience.  But sometimes the most important thing can be who is doing the talking.  In this week’s Friday Five, we’re listening to five specific speakers to hear what they have to say.

  • Some academics—even those with tenure—are telling us they are leaving.  What does this mean? @Slate
  • Online trolls may be annoying and sometimes downright mean, but do they deserve a voice? @Cognoscenti
  • What topics get some of our favorite figures excited? Check it out @Mental_floss
  • Who should decide sociology program rankings? How should they do it? And to whom do they matter most?  @orgtheory
  • When Apple tells us to be young, cool and happy, what are they wanting us to ignore or forget?  @WorkInProgress

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