The Friday Five: Invoking Change

Most of us have ideas about how to improve the world, or at least some small part of it.  Maybe you are convinced that your manager is approaching a project the wrong way.  Perhaps you have ideas about how to make TSA security lines more efficient.   Or you might have a plan for addressing gun violence throughout the world.  This week’s Friday Five are stories of individuals, institutions and countries that represent change in action.

  • Face to face with the effects of global climate change, The Marshall Islands are taking the issue head on @NY Times
  • Frustrated by the quality and quantity of research in Romania, these authors take a comical stand
  • In the 90s, teachers worked together to start charter schools.  What has been the outcome of this initiative? @Contexts
  • The liberal group, Democracy Alliance, fights big money with…yep, that’s right, more big money! @Mother Jones
  • Millenials get a bad rap for being apathetic when it comes to social and economic issues.  But maybe this reputation is unwarranted? @Citings & Sightings

What change are you leading?


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