Friday Five: Making the Invisible Visible

In the early 90s, a series of books titled Magic Eye were published.  If you were a kid at that time—which some of us here at the Fifth Floor were—you probably remember having your mind blown by what was inside.  After staring at a page with a pattern of dots for some time, a 3D image would suddenly appear.  It was awesome!

What’s even more amazing is that a similar process exists everywhere you look.  If you examine a situation long enough, you begin to notice things that weren’t immediately obvious at first glance.  New elements come into focus.  This week’s Friday Five illuminate this process, bringing previously hidden aspects into view:

  • Sometimes pointing a really expensive space telescope at seemingly nothing results in the most important discoveries @AllThatIsInteresting
  • Johnny Football is also Johnny Sociology? Maybe college football is just one big social experiment? @SportsPickle
  • What does the collective silence following this week’s shooting in our nation’s capital reveal about the political atmosphere within which these events occur? @HuffPost
  • Within the heart of a bustling intellectual metropolis lies a crumbling community college system, leaving many without access to education @WashingtonMonthly
  • Sometimes it’s difficult to see the path—any path—as a grad student.  One professor constructed signposts to help @InsideHigherEd

Tell us what you see (or what you don’t)!


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