Throwback Third Thursday

Today, I heard the news that the longtime CEO of Nintendo, Hiroshi Yamauchi has died. I spent a lot of my childhood struggling to beat any of the Mario Bros. games. No matter how hard I studied Nintendo Power Magazine I have never been able to cheat my way to victory.


Still my game of choice.

But this throwback doesn’t go all the way back to 1985, when NES was first released in the US. This is a throwback to 2007 when my then boyfriend (now husband) first fired up the SNES for a game of Tetris Attack. My years of Dr. Mario and Yoshi paid off, I didn’t win but I held my own, and we are still playing Tetris Attack today. SNES is the only game console we own. We have 2 other games, Mario Bros and Super BomberMan 2 (for when guests come over) though we rarely change the games because it takes a lot of teasing to get the SNES to accept a new cartridge.


I always play Poochy.


Gargantua Blargg always wins.

Thanks for keeping us entertained, Hiroshi Yamauchi!


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