The Friday Five: Invoking Change

Most of us have ideas about how to improve the world, or at least some small part of it.  Maybe you are convinced that your manager is approaching a project the wrong way.  Perhaps you have ideas about how to make TSA security lines more efficient.   Or you might have a plan for addressing gun […]

Friday Five: Making the Invisible Visible

In the early 90s, a series of books titled Magic Eye were published.  If you were a kid at that time—which some of us here at the Fifth Floor were—you probably remember having your mind blown by what was inside.  After staring at a page with a pattern of dots for some time, a 3D […]

Licensing the Undocumented

Two bills sit on the Governor of California’s desk that could drastically improve life for undocumented immigrants living in the state. One bill would allow undocumented individuals to obtain a driver’s license and the other makes them eligible to practice law in the state. The former will have a wider impact but the latter is […]