The Friday Five: Back to School

As “back to school” season is upon us, change is definitely in the air.  Transitions are a time of excitement and growth but can also be challenging.  This week’s Friday Five items run the gamut:

  • Is Jerry Garcia no longer a relevant cultural reference for college freshmen?  Professors debate the “generation gap” @ Inside Higher Ed
  • Why did we ever move on from these great words? Our resident vegetarians say they are going to be less beef-witted as they attempt to become spermologers @ deathandtaxesmag
  • As Bradley Manning transitions to Chelsea, we were reminded of this article by Silas Hansen on the challenge of choosing a new name @ Slate
  • With Egypt back in the news, we see a transition from revolution to protracted struggle. What does this mean for the “Arab Spring”? @Foreign Policy
  • The widening gap in income inequality is certainly not representative of positive social growth, but the increasing attention to this topic is encouraging @ CNN

What’s changing in your life?

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