The Friday Five: UVA Sociology in the News

For those who are not aware, the Fifth Floor originated within the University of Virginia’s Department of Sociology.  While our home department is continually producing great insight, we’ve been particularly busy as of late.  Thus, this week’s Friday Five is devoted to showcasing that work.  We are thrilled to share the headlines our colleagues have generated through their research!

  • Professor Sarah Corse and UVA alum Jen Silva recently presented their research on the relationship between job instability and intimate life and how working- and middle-class Americans experience this relationship differently.  Their findings have been covered in Slate, Huffington Post, the Chicago Tribune and the Washington Post among others!
  • Jen Silva was also featured in the Boston Globe for the research presented in her recent book, Coming up Short: Working-Class Adulthood in an Age of Uncertainty.  The book examines how young working-class Americans transition to adulthood in the midst of omnipresent uncertainty.
  • UVA alum, Ben Snyder, also made headlines this week for his fascinating research on how truck drivers respond to economic pressures for increased speed and flexibility
  • Professor Josipa Roksa continues to be a mainstay in the news following the release of her 2011 co-authored book, Academically Adrift @USA Today & @The New American
  • The department is also celebrating the recent release of two books from faculty members, Simone Polillo and Rachel Rinaldo.

Stay on the lookout for more exciting news from UVA Sociology!


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