The Friday Five: Sizing up the Week’s Top Stories

This week, we were interested in knowing what others found interesting.  Identifying and rounding up top stories, however, can be a difficult task.  What sites give a telling snapshot of the week’s fascinations? What counts as “top” stories/posts/videos—the most viewed, the most commented, the most shared? We visited the usual suspects—big players like the NY Times and some of our personal faves like Slate.  We searched what was trending on social media.  We even explored sites like ScanVine, Alltop, and Google Trends to audit the week’s activity.  Representative or scientific, this list certainly is not, but here it is anyway, our partial snapshot of what captivated people this week.

  • NY Times users were drawn to this post, outlining George Saunder’s advice to “err in the direction of kindness” offered during his convocation speech to  Syracuse grads earlier this year.
  • Wednesday’s Powerball drawing certainly caught people’s attention this week.  According to Google Trends, “powerball” was searched over 2 million times on Wednesday.  An interesting trend, especially given the fate of many lotto winners (see here).  Yet, we think the “Ocean’s 16” might be all right!
  • This poetic “craigslist missed connection” post caused quite a stir on BuzzFeed.
  • Slate, acknowledging the power of words, announced this week that it would no longer refer to the Washington NFL team as the “Redskins”.  Their announcement was one of the site’s most shared stories of the week.
  • And because we can’t ignore the power of our own social networks, this Ted Talk by Amy Cuddy (although not new), was shared by a friend of the Fifth Floor.  An interesting video about “faking it till you become it”.

What (or maybe better yet, who) is your trusted source for content curation?


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