The Friday Five: Keeping Things Light

It was a playful week here at the Fifth Floor.  Light-hearted commentary, laugh-out-loud pictures, and interesting tales kept us amused as we made the transition into August.  Hopefully, our mirth is contagious, and you’ll experience some of the same joy we did by checking out the stories below:

  • Nicholas Carr, notorious for his argument that Google makes us stupid, captures a humorous contradiction in our popular assumptions about technology @Rough Type
  • Poet Kenneth Goldsmith has fun contrasting “smart dumb” with “smart smart” and “dumb dumb” @The Awl
  • Is it wizardry? The unveiling of J.K. Rowling as the author of The Cuckoo’s Calling shows that seemingly obscure academic fields really can become publicly relevant @The Chronicle of Higher Education
  • Prompted by California’s inmate hunger strike, Pulitzer Prize winner, Mark Fiore, critiques the state’s treatment of prisoners to the tune of a Johnny Cash classic @vimeo
  • A barrage of vacation and party pictures in one sociologist’s news feed drives her to get her toes in the sand, too! @ @rogue cheerios

Did a wacky story or picture make you smile this week?  Share it in the comments below!


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