The Friday Five: Today’s Dreamland

This week, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. Across the nation, Americans contemplated both the great change and stagnation that has occurred over the past half century.  In this week’s post, we look at articles that reflect the complexity of the contemporary context, within which the civil rights debates of previous […]

Faces in the Crowd

There are tattoos, and then there are tattoos.  On the whole, in terms of commonality and social acceptance, tattoos have come a long way since the days when they were seen as the exclusive province of motorcycle gang members and other such “undesirables.”  Forbes Magazine, hardly an icon of the counterculture, recently attested to the […]

The Friday Five: Back to School

As “back to school” season is upon us, change is definitely in the air.  Transitions are a time of excitement and growth but can also be challenging.  This week’s Friday Five items run the gamut: Is Jerry Garcia no longer a relevant cultural reference for college freshmen?  Professors debate the “generation gap” @ Inside Higher […]

Summer Guilt and Resolutions

Summer is winding down. It is hard to miss the feeling of back to school even if you are, like me, no longer actually impacted by the start of a new semester. I won’t be attending or teaching courses this semester but old habits die hard. So, as a new school year starts I mentally […]

The Friday Five: UVA Sociology in the News

For those who are not aware, the Fifth Floor originated within the University of Virginia’s Department of Sociology.  While our home department is continually producing great insight, we’ve been particularly busy as of late.  Thus, this week’s Friday Five is devoted to showcasing that work.  We are thrilled to share the headlines our colleagues have […]

The Friday Five: Sizing up the Week’s Top Stories

This week, we were interested in knowing what others found interesting.  Identifying and rounding up top stories, however, can be a difficult task.  What sites give a telling snapshot of the week’s fascinations? What counts as “top” stories/posts/videos—the most viewed, the most commented, the most shared? We visited the usual suspects—big players like the NY […]

The Friday Five: Keeping Things Light

It was a playful week here at the Fifth Floor.  Light-hearted commentary, laugh-out-loud pictures, and interesting tales kept us amused as we made the transition into August.  Hopefully, our mirth is contagious, and you’ll experience some of the same joy we did by checking out the stories below: Nicholas Carr, notorious for his argument that […]