The Friday Five: What are you saying?

Whether with words, numbers, symbols or gestures, we’re always saying something.  This week’s list digs into the background hum of conversation to illuminate several interesting stories.  What’s all the chatter about?  You’ll have to check it out for yourself!

  1. James Searl, lead singer of roots reggae band, “Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad,” ruminates about the complex politics and meaning behind many non-Jamaican singers’ attempts to fake a Jamaican accent when they sing.  Searl takes readers on a journey from patois speaking elementary school kids to a cafe in Turkey to tell the story of the connection between language, accent, and the meaning behind the music.
  2. The tale of women’s fertility concerns at older ages has made headlines for years, but is there more to this story? Jean Twenge discusses how cited studies and statistics on the topic may be misleading @ The Atlantic
  3. In North Carolina, it’s not about who’s talking but about whose voice is being muffled.  Read more on how the new Republican state legislature is changing the tone of government in the state.  @ New York Times
  4. A leader’s health begins to fade, and his face rises in the streets. Camilo Jose Vergara, recent recipient of the National Humanities Medal, observes themes in American street art. @ NPR
  5. Jay-Z changes the conversation on twitter, introduces new colloquialisms.  #Factsonly

Responses are accepted in any form of communication you prefer!


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