Friday Five: A Time for Reflection

We hope everyone had a celebratory 4th of July yesterday!  Independence day often means grilling out with friends and family, enjoying fireworks and perhaps eating a lot of Nathan’s hot dogs if you happen to be in Coney Island.  It’s also a time for reflecting back on America’s last 237 years.  With this sense of nostalgia in mind, our items this week look at what’s changed and what hasn’t in recent and not-so-recent history.

  • Have we shifted from “cogs in the machine” to “relays in the network”? Michael Sacasas observes our tendency towards content curation rather than critical reflection
  • United we stand, or do we? Ronald Brownstein looks at widening divisions in America @ The Atlantic
  • Has the state of humanities in higher education declined? Check out these two differing views: one from The Chronicle of Higher Education and the other from The New York Times
  • Big data is definitely newsworthy but this post suggests the big data revolution in social sciences needs theoretically-minded analysts to move forward @
  • Lastly, if birthright citizenship was repealed, how many native-born Americans would make the cut? See if you have what it takes @ The Atlantic

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