Friday Five: Breaking Down a Busy Week

It has been a busy week full of Supreme Court decisions, a Texas filibuster, immigration reform, and new studies out on what is driving up tuition. I know you are busy staying on top of things and enjoying the summer sun so this week’s Friday Five is more videos than words! Grab a nice cold beverage, kick back, and catch up on what has got us talking this week!

  • Stephen Colbert learns about the Voter’s Rights Act and DOMA decisions with some help from Slate’s Emily Bazelon @ColbertNation
  • Wendy Davis might not have stopped the strict new abortion laws in Texas for long but she did inspire this amazing (and hilarious) Taiwanese animation @Jezebel
  • Spending the summer earning tuition money? Rest assured tuition increases are going to a good cause…or at least a good place to sleep. Get the full story on what is driving up tuition @Inside Higher Ed or check out the (slightly silly) cliff notes@Gawker
  • The Senate passed an immigration reform bill this week but it has slim hopes in the Republican controlled House but listen to what Bush-41 and Reagan had to say about illegal immigrants in 1980–Spoiler Alert! It isn’t what you would think! @Youtube
  • Now that you are thinking about the possibility of immigration reform, check out this new documentary, Rape in the Fields, on the hidden price undocumented women pay to work in this country’s fields and packing plants @Frontline

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