This Week on the Friday Five…

Check out what caught our eye this week.  While we sometimes try to tie each of the stories together in an overall theme, we thought it might be more fun to leave it open this week.  Let us know what you find interesting in the stories below or in any we missed!

  • Robert Kennedy Jr’s ideas about vaccines, particularly their link to autism led to an interesting set of stories on Slate: here and here
  • Green Bank, West Virginia attracts a group of people who claim “electrosensitivity” disorder @Slate
  • Fascinating coverage on the historical variation in how we pay attention @Harvard Business Review
  • This slightly lengthy but excellent read from The New Yorker takes a look at Silicon Valley’s approach to changing the world and asks what Gov 2.0 might mean for the average American. Read it here:
  • And, while we’re on the topic of Silicon Valley, these charts are pretty interesting @ Mother Jones 

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