The Friday Five: New Month, Interesting Questions

Happy June! This week, we were drawn to stories of friction: FLOTUS vs activist, technological utopia & dystopia, conflict in the soccer stands, and the struggles of blue-collar Millennials.  Check out the interesting questions raised by this week’s roundup: 

  • Michelle Obama’s heckler, activist Ellen Sturtz, may have had a good point, but does the delivery of her message overshadow its content? @ Washington Post
  • Is Kurt Vonnegut’s fictional future, in which technology makes both manual and brain work less relevant, an approaching reality?  @ The Economist
  • On the consumer side of technology, what are the philosophical implications of products that protect us from our own tech habits? @ The Frailest Thing
  • What are the connections between immigration, fascism, and soccer?  This amazing article looks at the offensive antics of soccer fans in Italy @ ESPN
  • UVA Sociology alum, Jen Silva’s new book is out!  How do young working-class individuals cope with the economic and social instability that surrounds them?  Read a brief review of the book here @ Publishers Weekly

What are your thoughts? Weigh in by commenting below!


One thought on “The Friday Five: New Month, Interesting Questions

  1. I missed that article on WaPo! I feel conflicted about hecklers. I know it is hard to get your voice heard by those in power but as the Italian hooligan article points out the crowd sometimes gives voice to those that maybe should remain silent. Frictions!

    Also, I am looking forward to checking out Jen Silva’s book!

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