The Friday Five Continues

We hope everyone enjoyed a nice, long Memorial Day Weekend.  For those having trouble getting back into the swing of things, fear not—we’ve got you covered.  Here’s a brief preview of what you may have missed: we were excited about biker diversity and votes of no confidence, but this week…SPOILER ALERT…working moms really got our attention.  Read below to see what all the fuss was about:

  • This week, NYC launched its ambitious new bike share program, sponsored by Citi Bank, and while we are talking about biking, check out this report’s finding that biking isn’t as “white” as you might think @Grist
  • Transylvania University faculty took a vote of no confidence in their president, which led to little action.  The vote reignites questions about shared governance, the political clout of A&S faculty within universities & the overall role of such votes.  Read more @ Inside Higher Ed
  • Michael Pollan’s latest book has been causing a stir, but is the return of the family meal an attempt to re-establish patriarchal norms and add to the guilt of working moms? @Glosswatch
  • Speaking of working moms, the Pew Research Center reported that working moms were the breadwinner in 40% of US households in 2011.  That’s great news, but as KJ Dell’Antonia points out, it does little to quell Americans’ ambivalence over working upper-middle-class mothers nor does it bolster the position of single mothers @ NY Times
  • University of Maryland, College Park sociologist, Philip Cohen, also weighed in on female breadwinners, systematically critiquing research that finds that women who make more than their husbands are more likely to get divorced @FamilyInequality

Don’t forget to comment on and add to our list!  While we’re pretty good at talking to ourselves, the conversation is more fun with others!


One thought on “The Friday Five Continues

  1. After the Sullivan affair, it is interesting to see how many schools are struggling to balance concerns of the faculty and the board’s desires. In my travels, when faculty at other schools hear I am from UVA they say how we inspired them to push back.

    Though the most shocking part of that article is that at Transylvania publishing in a peer reviewed journal was not previously required for tenure!

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